NASA Pro Racing Series News

8 04, 2019

Hannah Grisham Tops Justin Crickenberger at Willow Springs

When the Spec Miata field converged on Willow Springs International Raceway in March, the question was what effects the recent refurbishing of the racing surface would have.
The answer was: not much. Justin Crickenberger qualified on pole, followed by Hannah Grisham and Rob Burgoon.
At the start, Turn 1 was a little chaotic with 16 cars jostling for position, but they all came through cleanly, and the race was on. Burgoon, Grisham and Crickenberger established a gap on the rest of the field and battled among themselves. Grisham and Crickenberger began drafting to get away from Burgoon.
“About halfway through the race, I realized I really goofed with my tire pressures when my tires just checked out on me,” said Burgoon, who finished third. “But it’s really nice to be back on the podium. Third is pretty all right given how poorly last year went.”
With five laps left, Grisham got around Crickenberger and

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2 04, 2019

Registration Opening Soon for 2019 NASA Championships Presented by Toyo Tires

NASA racers interested in getting a jump on the competition can register beginning Tuesday, April 9th for the 14th annual NASA Championships Presented by Toyo Tires at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, which takes place Sept. 18-22, 2019.
For the sixth time since NASA held its first Championships event in 2006, the NASA Championships are returning to Mid-Ohio, home to such marquee races as the IndyCar 200, the NASCAR Xfinity Series and the Acura Sports Car Challenge.
“Mid-Ohio is a track racers love. It has everything from long, fast straightaways to corners with tricky elevation and camber changes, and lots of opportunities for passing,” said NASA Vice President Jeremy Croiset. “It’s a great facility for our Championships event.”
The last time NASA was there was in 2012, and it was a fantastic event, with tons of great racing on track and the paddock life you’ve come to expect at the NASA Championships.
“We look

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1 04, 2019

Keith Williamson and Jarrett Jones Pick up Spec Miata Wins at Road Atlanta in March

Saturday’s qualifying was dry enough for slicks but damp enough to keep the times rather high at Road Atlanta in March, with Aiden Crouse taking pole position with a 1:59.660 followed by Brad Miller in P2, Jarrett Jones P3, Grant West P4, Keith Williamson P5 and Scott Carlisle P6.
By race time, the track was drying rapidly and showed a wide, dry line. After the green flag, Miller got a run going up the hill after Turn 1 to beat Crouse to Turn 3 and was followed by Jones, West, Carlisle and Williamson. On the back straight, Williamson pulled Carlisle to get P5 position back and start a run for the front while West got inside Jones to move up to third. Positions two through four started fighting each other letting Miller gap the field by eight to 10 car lengths. On lap three, Williamson got a run out of Turn

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25 03, 2019

SoCal Spec E46 Launches First Full Season at Chuckwalla

The first full Spec E46 season in Southern California kicked off at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway February 16 and 17. Saturday’s race was run clockwise and Sunday’s was run counter-clockwise. Both races had four Spec E46s running in a mixed-class field along with ST4, ST5, and GTS cars.
For Saturday’s race, Ryan Keeley notched the quickest time in qualifying, followed by Ryan Bittner, Peter Oneppo and Mike Beale. Because they were mixed in with other classes, the Spec E46s were nose-to-tail to one another, with other cars next to them as they turned onto the front straight. The green flag dropped for the flying start and the cars took off.
When running clockwise, the end of the front straight at Chuckwalla leads into a quick left-hand kink before a sweeping right-hander and often leads to exciting race starts. The Spec E46s jockeyed for position within the larger pack through the first set of

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25 03, 2019

Pat Smith and Aiden Crouse Split Spec Miata Wins at Carolina Motorsports Park

Late winter in North Carolina meant qualifying took place on a damp track at Carolina Motorsports Park in February, and Aiden Crouse claimed Pole with a 2:04.383, followed by Pat Smith, Grant West, Brad Miller and Keith Williamson.
At the start, the front of the field got through Turn 1 clean, but at the back one of the racers had a big lock-up, thumped the car ahead, and the resulting chain reaction culminated with Yan Dia having his differential housing broken and limping off the track. Crouse got out to about a two- to three-car lead by the Kink followed by Smith, West, Miller and Williamson. West tried an outside pass on Smith at Turn 13, but scrubbed off too much speed and ended losing his position to Miller. Crouse, in P1, was trying to deal with a transmission that was difficult to get in third gear and by the end

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18 03, 2019

Justin Crickenberger and Ryan Pond Split Wins at Chuckwalla

We had 30 Spec Miatas take the green flag for the race on Sunday and only one less on Saturday. Eleven NASA Arizona drivers, 18 NASA SoCal drivers and one very fast NorCal driver showed up in the middle of the desert in February to a track that could be considered one of the top 15 in America. Maybe that’s the draw. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s only three hours from Phoenix and most of L.A.
In Saturday’s clockwise racing action, Justin Crickenberger was the immediate frontrunner, with blistering times in the mid 1:06s during warmup and qualifying, but Keith Dees, Ryan Pond and Justin Hall were in the mix too. When the flag dropped for the race, 29 Spec Miatas safely made it through Turn 1 with just the slightest of friendly fender rubbing. For a bunch of SM drivers who don’t normally race together it was one of the more “polite” Spec Miata race starts.
True to form, Justin Crickenberger won it with

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12 03, 2019

Bradley Miller and Aiden Crouse Split Spec Miata Wins at Roebling Opener

The Roebling Road Raceway Winter Carnival kicked off the 2019 season with 11 Spec Miata racers braving a dismal rain forecast. Well, so much for the forecasts. NASA Spec Miata had two great races in dry conditions! Cold temps and a dry track on Saturday made for fast qualifying times with Keith Williamson popping a 1:22.669 lap — .537 seconds under the track record — with Yan Dia in P2 at .284 seconds under the record, Brady Miller P3, Aiden Crouse P4 and Dylan Stancil P5.
As Saturday’s race started, Dia was pulling Williamson until Miller got to Williamson’s bumper to give him a good push to beat Dia to Turn 1. The race order settled in after Turn 2 as Williamson, Dia, Miller, Stancil, Crouse and Grant West led the field. On lap two, Crouse and West got inside of Stancil entering Turn 1 to move up and West was

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6 03, 2019

New E3S Enduro Class for Spec Miata, Spec E30 and 944 Spec Cars

NASA has created a new subset of its E3 enduro class called E3S. The “S” stands for spec and the new class includes NASA’s three most popular spec classes: Spec Miata, Spec E30 and 944 Spec.
Across the country, there are a lot of Spec Miatas, 944 Spec and Spec E30 drivers that run enduros from time to time, but teams had to make significant changes to those cars to be competitive in E3. Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to do all that work.  Now there’s a class just for those three series: E3S.
“Most of the cars in E3 have been built to a different set of rules, and those cars are going to be much faster just because of the things they’re allowed to do,” said NASA Technical Director of Racing, Shawn Meze. “These series are on a spec suspension and a spec tire. You can’t

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4 03, 2019

NASA Southeast Honda Challenge Field Grows in 2019

What an exciting time for Honda Challenge in the Southeast. We had three new racers complete competition school and join the ranks of wheel-to-wheel racing, for a total of nine cars in class this weekend. Most of us have known Shane Lovely for years, but his bride Melissa Lovely finally went to competition school! Joining her was Michael Kramer and Devon Manno, with all three in the H2 Class. Stephen Pearce and Vincent Coker joined the classroom and track sessions, assisting with the NASA Southeast competition school and welcoming these new racers to our craziness.
The Honda Challenge race for H1 and H2 started with our own wave in the Thunder race group. Pearce on pole got a good start, but nothing compared to John Putnam moving his K24 up four spots by Turn 1. A little rubbing moved him back a few spots by the apex and we all settled

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26 02, 2019

Spec E46 Finally Arrives in SoCal

The first Spec E46 event in Southern California drew four cars to Buttonwillow. A small grid, but a great start to a new series in the region. It was especially encouraging that two other E46s, which are well on their way to being spec, showed up to run in HPDE.
For Saturday, the track was set up in the No. 13 CCW configuration, which includes the Sweeper and Bus Stop. Peter Hopelain had the quickest lap time in qualifying with Ryan Keeley second, followed by Peter Oneppo and Michael Beale. The group decided that inverting the grid would make for the most interesting racing, which put Beale on pole for his first race since getting his license.
In the race, Spec E46 was to take the same flag as Spec E30 in a standing start. As the cars lined up, they left a gap between themselves and the Spec E30s. This, along

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